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RV Gadgets & Goodies

We like to share our impressions of neat RV gadgets and accessories with our readers. Information on the items described here are not paid advertisements, but rather things we use ourselves and have personal knowledge of.

iPod Classic

Our 80 gig iPod classic produces unbelievable quality sound with the standard ear buds that come supplied, and will hold a lifetime of music. I have over 7,000 songs loaded onto the iPod, and have used only 20 gig of the available capacity. Now the huge space under our bed that held our extensive CD library is empty, and all of that music is contained in the tiny iPod, which measures just 2.5 inches wide, 4 inches high, and maybe ľ inch thick! I can use the iPod with its ear buds when taking my evening walk, when Iím working at the computer, or just relaxing outside in my chair. Suggested retail price $249.





Bose SoundDock

The iPod Classic is a fantastic personal entertainment device, for on the go or just relaxing around the RV. But when plugged into the Bose SoundDock,  we have incredible stereo quality sound throughout the RV. Suggested retail price $399.








For many people, campfires are an essential part of their camping experience. A while back a company called CampCentral sent me a nifty product to evaluate. Called Firepliers, they are a set of heavy duty tongs perfect for reaching into a fire to move that stubborn piece of wood into position without burning your hands. Measuring 30 inches long, and capable of moving wood over a foot thick, these are a handy item to have around the campsite. Check out their website at  Suggested retail price $24.95




Verizon Air Card

For years we used a tripod mounted HughesNet satellite dish to access the internet. The system served its purpose well, but took up a lot of room, and we never deployed it when just making a quick overnight stop. In the fall of 2007 we replaced it with a Verizon USB720 air card, and have never looked back. The air card, which measures about 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and an inch thick, can be used almost anywhere we can pick up a cellular phone signal. Speeds are awesome, often much faster than we had with the dish, and we can even get online while cruising down the highway! Depending on the plan being offered at signup, many times the air card is free with a two year contract.







PressurePro Tire Monitoring System

No RV should be without a tire pressure monitoring system, and the PressurePro is our system of choice. The PressurePro consists of a monitor measuring about 7 inches wide by 3 inches high and half an inch thick, and tire monitoring sensors that screw onto our tire valve stems in place of the standard valve caps. Now instead of having to check my tire pressures manually with a gauge, I can scroll through every tire on our bus and van and get an accurate reading right from the driverís seat! While on the road, the system will alert us to low pressure and identify which tire is low, or do the same with high pressure, helping us identify and deal with problems before they become catastrophes.



Mad Maps

I got my first Mad Maps to help plan motorcycle trips, but quickly learned that they are perfect for RVers too! Each map provides details of road trip adventures to help you plan a cross country trek or just a fun day trip from the campground. Different map packages include Scenic Road Trips, the Get Outta Town series, Epic Journeys, Rally Runs, and Tour Packs. I guarantee that if you get just one Mad Map and use it, you will want more!